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How to: View unread emails in gmail

Have u come to a problem where u could find what are the other unread mails in your gmail??
It happens to me, its just 1 unread email and i couldn't find where is the unread email until i discover this,
this is how u want to view unread emails in your gmail account

1. Login to your gmail account as usual, username and password
2. On the top of your email view you can see a search box, where you can type in to search your email one the right side
3. This is where the magic is, in the search box, type this word -----> label:unread
and then just click search button
4. Walla! your unread email appear

Now I know how :P
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  1. ken July 12, 2010 at 8:48 PM
    cool.. im on gmail =)

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