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digi has launch its 3g

Mobile phone operator DiGi.Com Bhd (6947) plans to turn its late start in high-speed Internet access service into an advantage by being transparent with quality.

It will tell customers the actual speed of its connection, among other things, as it seeks to build its third-generation (3G), or mobile broadband, business.

"We want to set the right expectations and make sure we meet or exceed customers' expectations," DiGi chief executive officer Johan Dennelind told Business Times in an interview in Shah Alam, Selangor.

Currently, existing rivals give speeds on a best-effort basis, which means that they do not promise to always give the specified speed.

Instead of focusing on prices, coverage and the "top download speed", DiGi, based on its market study and research, will focus on quality.
"We have the ambition of doing broadband right. All our customer research shows that customers are generally not happy with the broadband services. It may be speed, download quota, customer service, consistency and price.

"We are starting small. We are not going to claim to have the largest mobile broadband coverage. That would be the wrong approach.

"We are also not going to claim the lowest price, but we are going to claim a lot of other things that we think are missing," Dennelind said.

It will also set different targets for its sales team. Unlike most companies which focus on minimum sales, DiGi sets a maximum. This means that its sales staff are not supposed to sell the mobile broadband service to too many customers.

This is also to protect quality. A mobile broadband network works like a highway; congestion occurs when there are too many using it.

"We have set limitation to our sales force. We don't want to oversell, which could result in jeopardising the mobile broadband quality," Dennelind added.

DiGi has also set up a dedicated customer service team. Customers can call to check if they have exceeded their monthly download quota.

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  1. Hugo Lim March 20, 2009 at 4:19 PM
    omg.. here come another competitor!!!

    kill the monopoly!! yay
  2. shah April 27, 2009 at 8:07 AM
    hopefully they can compete with more more interesting package..

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