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do u love toblerone?
i do

do u know what is it?

this is chocolate

"At no other time has Nature concentrated such a wealth of valuable nourishment into such a small space as in the cocoa bean."
Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859), natural scientist

TOBLERONE contains only selected ingredients. The finest ingredients are brought from all over the world.

The difference in taste, aroma and colour of the chocolate owes a great deal to the species of tree on the one hand and the composition of the soil on the other. Toblerone is created out of the subtle blend of beans of different origins, carefully selected.

Chocolate is a valuable food, due to the natural compounds of cocoa, which contain trace amounts of theobromine, histamine and even caffeine.

The cocoa plant was given its name by Swedish natural scientist Carl von Linné (1707-1778), who called it "theobroma cacao" (food of the gods).

To manufacture chocolate, fresh milk is converted into milk powder. The milk in TOBLERONE is supplied mainly in Switzerland.

Almond nougat
Each variety of Toblerone contains tasty flakes of nougat, made of sugar, almonds, honey and egg white. For these ingredients, we select high quality products in the world.

TOBLERONE contains 3% honey. Using natural honey guarantees its superb taste. Not least because of its honey content, TOBLERONE is an ideal ingredient in recipes using chocolate.

i looooooove toblerone!

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  1. kennhyn February 7, 2009 at 11:03 AM
    I still like my beer more... haha

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